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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Though I should be continuing my depressed blogs I am not. I should be over-whelmed with how much has to get done before this semester ends (and the end looms) but I suppose I'm more excited about other things.
Like flying out to Austin this weekend. We'll find out by the end of this weekend if it was a good idea.
I'm nervous about seeing my sister's ex-husband--its not that he did anything did to me. I'll try and treat him normal. I just cannot believe some of the atrocities he committed against my sister while they were married.
How could anyone who claims to love someone be so unfaithful, thoughtless and abusive?
I could go on forever. One of my greatest fears is an unsuccessful marriage.
Elicia's crashed and burned. Who is to say if she should have stayed longer to pick up her husband's sorry ass and rehabilitated him or left earlier or even married him at all? What is done is done.
I just don't want mine to be anything like that and I want a marriage significantly better than my parent's past and current relationship.
Perhaps it feels I'm going through the motions of life with no true direction, but alas, I'm surviving and currently am happier than lately.
I'll run with it.

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